Card Gambling Slang - Learn What To Know

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The poker world has a huge list of unique slang, just like any sub-culture. Many of the world's card gambling slang terms are derived from other general cultural trends, learn the gambling trends at site. Online communities such as 4Chan oddly enough tend to lead the way in the memes of today's Internet and, like any other online community, players have picked up on those memes and made their own card gambling slang from them. We don't claim that every bit of jargon is only poker-specific; that is definitely not the case. But some (such as, say, swongs) are completely specific to the game of poker, invented by players, used on forums, and sustained by the poker community. There are countless other terms that qualify as being game-specific.

Why Are We Here?

Obviously, a reader of our site could browse their way through the pages and find all of the terms listed here. The problem is, there are many words that simply don't interest those who are wondering about card gambling slang and how they can learn as much as they can as quickly as possible. For instance, terms such as iMEGA and Doyle Brunson are no considered to be poker jargon - but they both have their own pages on this site. So without further ado, here is a list of terms that are currently in the database and gamble money online.

Raising Terms

A '3Bet' is when someone makes a raise against the first raiser in a hand, and a '4Bet' is the act of repeating this against a player that '3Bet'. A 'Bump' refers to any participant who wishes to raise. A 'Minraise' is simply a raise that is equal to the original bet. It is an unusual play in big-bet games, and is often considered weak.

Hand Changing

An 'Action Card' is a card that comes on the turn or river and will cause significant betting for two or more players and start winning in gambling. In Hold'em and Omaha, having a card that turns one of your opponent's outs as one of your own is called a 'Blocker'. A 'Buried Pair,' or 'Pairs in the Hole,' are two low numbers of the same value. It's used in stud poker to differentiate itself from a 'Split Pair'. A 'Blank' is a number that hits no player in the hand, thus not improving anyone's standing. These are just a few of the slang words used in informal gambling settings.