Canadian Gambler Makes A Win Of $725, 000

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Gino DiFelice who hails from Ontario took home $725, 274 thanks to the referee who was in play on the Seahawks Packers game, be one of the winners by following site guides. This was a report released by the Toronto Stars. DiFelice made a bold bet which was an equivalent of 15 game parlay. This was a huge risk which turned out to be worth it since his bet was correctly guessing every game of the NFL week.

This is a great story of a gambler wins big Canada since his bet on Seahawks won after the refs messed up on the last minute. They should have ruled for an interception which would have made the Packers win. But this was not so. Before betting on Seahawks game, he was 14-14.

As the reports from Toronto Star indicated, DiFelice did not win on his picks: his kids did the picks and understand gambler's fallacy. From an interview with DiFelice, he said that he would buy tickets with his pick, then consult with his kids (Mia; 12 years, and Marco; 10years) on who they liked. After making their selections, he would then do one ticket each with their picks. The winner on this one was the one his daughter picked. What was funny about the whole series was that the ones he picked, only four of the picks were right. He said that he could not stand watching the last two minutes of the game. He went insane when the referees officially announced the Hail Mary a touchdown.

In any event where the Packers won, he would have had to make a split of the winnings with five other winners and gamble money online. This call moved hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of gambling bets but it is evident that Gino DiFelice made out by himself.

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